The 1960's saw the demand for more choice in their cars. Smaller was one anthem so subcompacts, compacts and mid size cars rolled off of the line. The public also wanted more power so the big cars saw big horsepower increases. As this power craze settled in for the rest of the sixties smaller cars also got the big engines.

Ford managed to steal all the thunder with a car that they introduced at the Worlds Fair called the Mustang. It was a whole new breed of car. Actually a compact, it was so sporty and ahead of it’s time that Ford sold a million of them the first model year. It was nicknamed a ponycar because of the equestrian motif and all sport / compacts that came after it would also be known by that pseudonym.

60's cars allow you to look and feel like a race car driver. Hoods are scooped, tires widened and of course out-of-proportion engines. 

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